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DVB-T2 Receiver


Main Features:
    Product Description
    1.MLStandard DVB-T2/ High Definition MPEG4 AVC/H.264 HP@L4,MPEG-2 MP@HL
    2.Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
    3.2000 channels TV and Radio programmable
    4.The maximum speed of the traffic flow of at least 50 Mbit / sec
    5.•Support 3D interface 8 different favorite groups selection
    6.Fully support to 7 days Electronic Program Guide(EPG)
    7.JPEG BMP GIF support,Flesh tone extension,Black/White extension
    8.4/8/16-bit OSD with anti-flickering
    9.Channel search in automatic, manual and network search
    10.Various channel editing function(favorite,move,lock,skip,delete,rename,find,sort)
    11.Parental control for channels
    12.Plug and Play installation, with an ease to use Menu System
    13.Software upgrades through USB/Cardreader
    14.Time set by GMT offset automatic and manual,Summer Time support
    15.5 event timers,off/Once/Daily/Weekly/Monthly Mode
    16.Subtitle support
    17.VBI insertion for Teletext,CC and WSS
    18.Automatic save for last channel
    19.Support Logic Channel Number(LCN)
    20.Active Antenna Power supply control
    CPU: MSTAR-MSD7T01 (128pinos) 34Kf MIPS @ 600 MHz.
    Memory: MSTAR-MSD7T01 implant DDR2 32X16Mbit Frequency1066
    Flash: 32 M bytes.
    Demodulator Type: MSTAR-MSD7T01 implant.
    Tuner: Rafael R836.
    Terrestrial Receiver DVB-T2 / T (EN_302755 V1.3.1 / EN 300744).
    RF input frequency: 48 ~ 866 MHz.
    Bandwidth: 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 8 MHz.
    Constellation: QPSK 16-QAM and QAM-QAM.
    FEC: 1/2, 3 / 5.2 / 3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6.
    Guard interval: 1/128, 1/32, 1/16, 19/256, 1/8, 19/128, 1/4.
    FFT Mode: 2K / 8K / 32K.
    Entry level: -83--5dBm.

    Software Features:
    Fully comply with DVB-T / T2 and H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 standard.
    The maximum speed of traffic flow at least 50 Mbit / sec.
    It supports 3D interface.
    Supports Sleep timer.
    Supports teletext / subtitle / muti-language.
    EPG function powerful and highly effective.
    Auto, 16: 9 pillar box, 16: 9 G Pan Scan, 4: 3 Letter Box, 4: 3 Pan Scan G, 4: 3, 16: 9 widescreen
    USB 2.0 for PVR, Timeshift, software update and playback media files.
    Video output resolution: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576 p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p.
    Video decoder: Compatible with: MPEG-4 part10 / MPEG-2 ISO / IEC 13818.
    MPEG-4 Simple / Main / Advanced Profile @ LEVEL3 (10 Mbps).
    MPEG-2 main profile # Main level (15 Mbps).
    H.264 MP # L3 (10 Mbps). H.264 HP L4.1 (25 Mbps).
    Audio decoder: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (Layer I / II), MP3, AC-3 (Dolby Digital), LC-AAC, WMA
    E-AC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus) HE-AAC decoding 5.1 multi-chhannel decoding.
    MediaCodec: AVI. MPG ,. DAT ,. VOB ,. Div ,. MOV ,. MKV ,. JPEG ,. TS etc.
    Audio: WMA, MP3, AAC (WMA, m4a.).
    Photo Codec: JPEG, BMP, PNG.
    License: Optional DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, RM / RMVB, DivX license.
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